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Paths of the Damned: Session 1
Through the Drakwall: Part 1

The group of brave adventurers find themselves in the ruin of the war-ravaged city of Untergart. The Storm of Chaos swept down upon this backwater settlement, but the forces of the Empire stood strong and fought them back. Our adventurers have just recovered from wounds sustained in that battle and are now ready for new perilous adventures. 

All of Untergarts survivors are gathered on the town square to listen to Captain Schiller, the de-facto head of the town since the battle, as he gives a speech about the generosity of Count Boris Todbring who has granted the city bread and wine. As he holds a bottle of whine aloft in celebration a loud bang is heard and the bottle shatters into a thousand pieces. The crowd panics. 

Crossing the bridge is a group of horrible mutated humans. One having arms replaced by tentacles, another has grown a thick fur and horn, the third has a snout and the fourth a third eye in his forehead. They're all carrying weapons and seem intent on bloodshed. 

The brave adventurers, Iosep McFadden - Dwarven Trollslayer, Gaspar - Human Hunter and Wilhem Schatner - Human Roadwarden rush to meet them head on. The fight is short and the mutants are carried away to be burnt. 

At this point, Captain Schiller approaches out adventurers and asks them if they'd care to join the local woodsman John Baumer in a tracking and scouting mission. First, they should try to find the shooter (who wasn't among the group crossing the bridge), second they should head further south-east to see whether there are any major groups of beastmen that can threaten the safety of the village. 

As they prepare for departure our adventurers are approached by Father Dietrich, a priest of Sigmar that has recently arrived from Middenheim. He begs them to help him with going to a shrine to the west of the city to investigate what has happened to his colleague and friend, and if possible recover the religious icon of Sigmar that is kept within the shrine. Having pressing business, they assure the priest that they will assist him as soon as they return to the city. 

Using the skills of Gaspar and John Baumer our adventurers are able to track the shooter to a small village in a forest clearing. They arrive in the darkness and attempts a stealthy approach and split up to try to lure him out. A loud bang is heard and John Baumer falls down, his face covered in blood but he is still alive. The shooter is pursued through the dark forests and eventually he is caught and killed. Looking through the village they find little else of interest.

Deciding to still go ahead with the scouting mission despite his wounds, John Baumer and our adventurers move on through the woods to attempt to locate any threats to Untergart. 

The next days the smell smoke from afar and following the scent they arrive at a camp of refugees. Three men and four women are sitting around the campfire, obviously starving and in bad health. Gaspar notices movement under one of the blankets at the far side of the camp. Quickly, he moves over there to reveal what hides underneath. It's a small boy of about 8 years, but he has the touch of Chaos on him. He radiates a purple glow from his skin, but has not other mutations. 

A discussion ensues where our adventurers try understand where the boy caught this affliction and what they should do with him and the people protecting him. Roadwarden Wilhem Schatner, fed up with the pointless discussion, moves over to the boy, pulls out his gun and fires. The mother of the boy attempts to attack Wilhelm, but is held back by her companions, who drag here away from danger. 

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Thanks for doing these! I have notes but they're not that great!

No problem. They're good for me as well. Let me know if I got anything wrong, since it's been a while since we last played.

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